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We are an Australian payroll outsourcing company that helps SMEs to setup and run professional payroll management services and software support.

Payroll Services

With Alltech your company will be in the hands of dedicated payroll specialists with extensive experience in all aspects of payroll outsourcing. Learn more about our payroll management services today.

Payroll Software

Looking for a modern, supported and capable payroll software solution? With competitive monthly costs including support via email, phone & Zoom, your new payroll software is only a phone call away.

Alltech Payroll Outsource Solutions
Alltech Payroll Outsource Solutions

Is your business facing any of these issues?

If so, Alltech can help.

Many small businesses are faced with the challenge of not having the right resources in place to run an effective business. In many instances, utilising an all-in-one payroll solution managed by payroll experts, can help.

Instant reduction in staff overheads

Reduce your payroll costs by up to 50%

Get dedicated local payroll specialists

Stay abreast of legislative changes in Australia

The Alltech Advantage.

The key advantages of Alltech is the flexibility and convenience we can provide to you. By partnering with Alltech you will have access to payroll outsourcing services, time & attendance, rostering, award interpretation and employee self service portals – so you can focus on your business. 

We agree with you on a level of service and work closely with clients to ensure an effective solution to suit each individual’s specific requirements. We manage and implement the entire payroll function and individually tailor our service to suit each client’s specific needs.

Importantly, Alltech isn’t an off the shelf package. We tailor to each and every clients specific needs. This way we address any issues and create far greater efficiencies going forward. (No Bureau environment and 100% processed by Alltech within Australia).

Key Features

Dedicated Account Managers

By partnering with Alltech your company will be assigned two dedicated Account Managers. The major advantage for your company is that the two BDM’s develop a sound understanding of your business and its practices for efficient support and business outcomes.

Simple Fee Structure

Alltech charge a per person, per payroll charge and this is the only charge that is associated with all of our services. This way you know exactly what your costs will be.

Staff Exit Payments

All termination and redundancy payments are handled by Alltech and therefore ensuring that the correct payments are meeting legislative requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Management and statutory reporting is something we offer in a comprehensive manner.

Direct 1300 Number

A dedicated 1300 number for your staff if they have any questions relating to their pay. This is a major advantage as the enquiries are directed to Alltech and therefore freeing up considerable time and resources. Staff can alternatively contact Alltech via e-mail.

Superannuation Reporting

Alltech can manage your superannuation reporting and remit all monies through our superannuation clearing house, Beam

Talk to us about Alltech's payroll services and how we can help your operation today.

Customer FAQ's

Some of the most common questions or concerns we get from prospective customers… 


Payroll software costs and staff costs are reduced instantly once you engage Alltech. No more payroll software subscription fees, while your staff can get on and perform their key roles.

In most instances, it can reduce your payroll costs by 50%


Client queries are answered in timely manner, usually within 2 hours. We are an Australian based business with no call centres.

Alltech get to know your business. Each time a client calls, you don’t want them to explain their situation, you want a staff member up to date with their business requirements.

We believe in redundancy planning! Having 2 staff who are famililar with your business is useful for situations such as staff absences.


Having the payroll managed by payroll professionals, staff that are processing payroll day in, day out.

It is the items such as termination pays, where non payroll specialists get it wrong.

Risks are having payroll processed incorrectly, can lead to additional payroll costs, staff morale can plummet, even exposure to Fairwork and poor public perception e.g. Seven Eleven franchises.

Generally this person / position is juggling many different roles e.g. admin / accounts payable so they lack the 1% of knowledge that a payroll person holds.


Alltech becomes a payroll hub for the client, where they can discuss their payroll requirements, and compare to what others are doing in the market.

Alltech stays up to date with legislative changes through many channels such as The Association of Payroll Professionals. Clients like to discuss these with Alltech.

Typically a bookkeeper is more knowledgeable on accounts, not payroll.

To see if you are abreast of market trends, salary rates etc.

Case Study: Megabricks

A quick Q&A with one of Alltech’s many satisfied customers…

The company we used was Deputy for rostering and Epayroll for processing pay. Working with two different companies and systems (which were not integrated) was a manual process and far from ideal.

Rostering & pay are now integrated. Leave requests and expense requests are integrated, making it an easy and fully transparent process.

Timesaving & efficiency. Sharing contracts & company policies in the Documents folder for staff to acknowledge.

MegaBricks Australia

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