Single Touch Payroll for Employees

The ATO has released some helpful information which can be shared with employees about STP.

The main introduction page is available here:

This page then links to the following pages:

  • What Single Touch Payroll means for employees

  • Setting up your myGov account

  • Accessing your income statement or payment summary online

When should we notify employees about STP?

With all the press coverage, your employees may have already heard about STP, so we know that some employers are already communicating about the changes.

For now, your communications may be very simple, and could focus on when your company will be starting STP.

Towards the end of the financial year (perhaps March/April/May 2019) you might advise employees that Payment Summaries are no longer available and they can now access this information via myGov.

If the employee cannot access myGov, the law allows them to be directed to the ATO to request a payment summary be issued by the ATO. In reality, to make the transition easier you may decide to provide a pay report for the end of the year during the transition. However, directing the employee to myGov is the preferred option.

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