Separation Certificates

Back in March last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, Services Australia made the decision to temporarily remove the requirement for individuals to provide an employment separation certificate during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Employers could still provide the employee with a separation certificate if they desired.

Services Australia updated the information on their website on 1 January 2021. Employers must now complete the certificate within 14 days when requested by the employee or Services Australia.

What is the use of an employment separation certificate?

Employment Separation Certificates record the employment details of a former employee to allow them to apply for select benefits through Centrelink. 

It assists the government with allocating an amount that may be payable to the individual while they are in between jobs. 

In most cases, this certificate will be used when an employee has been terminated. However, it can also be used if an employee’s hours have been reduced or their employment type has changed from full time to casual. CLICK HERE for more information on Employment Separation Certificates for employers.

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