Preparing for the Sydney Train Strike

Unless there is some last minute success in negotiations, it looks like there will be a train strike on Monday 29 January in Sydney. What impact will this have on your employees, and what does it mean for payroll?

On any given day, it is your personal responsibility as an employee to arrive at work on time. The same rules apply even during a train strike. So the harsh reality is… if an employee can’t get work during the train strike, they may need to request annual leave.

But there are other options you may want to consider:

  • Can your employees work from home? Can employees work at a different location that is closer to home?
  • Can you provide employees with flexible working hours during the strike? Perhaps they can start and finish the day earlier or later than normal to make the commute a little easier.
  • Can employees take an RDO or another type of leave during the strike?

Now is the time to be communicating with employees, developing a contingency plan, and if necessary, confirm with employees if they need to take annual leave.

Good luck!!


Source TAPS

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