One of the most important tasks for all businesses is the preparation of payroll and payment of wages. This process is complicated by additional components such as bonuses, allowances, deductions, and employer superannuation contributions. It is not surprising that countless companies are not compliant with Federal and State Legislation.

Many companies handle their own payroll processes. However, complex settings, employee data and processes can make it a challenge to keep your payroll administration on track. Alltech Outsourced Solutions Payroll Health Checks ensure that your payroll processes run smoothly and efficiently.

You can optimise your payroll processes with an Alltech Outsourced Solutions Independent Payroll Health Check. A Payroll Health Check ensures that your:

  • staff are paid on time.
  • staff are receiving the correct rates of pay.
  • payroll is being processed in the most efficient manner.
  • superannuation is being calculated to include all applicable pay elements.
  • Termination payments are being taxed as per Australian Taxation Office legislation.

Now, you can engage Alltech Outsourced Solutions to perform a ONE-OFF payroll health-check on your present or past year’s payroll records. This is a small and worthwhile investment that will give you peace of mind knowing you are compliant.

Insight into your payroll processes

During a Payroll Health Check, our experts take a detailed look at how your payroll processes run within your current payroll solutions. With insight into your settings and payroll data, you can increase the efficiency of your payroll processes. You receive:

  • a detailed report with the findings.
  • advice on how to optimise your payroll processes.
  • recommendations for how to optimise your software settings.

Keep your payroll processes on track

With regular Payroll Health Checks, you keep your payroll processes running punctually and accurately. Based on the report, you can take immediate steps to modify your system and fine-tune your settings, ensuring that you benefit optimally from your Payroll Health Check.


Alltech Outsourced Solutions offers individual health checks based on the requirements of your company.  Please contact us for more information on (02) 4677 0107 or e-mail

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