Fair Work pay slip requirements

Fair Work have made a recent update to ‘What has to be on a pay slip?’ on their website. The site now includes the term ‘casual loading’.

If this is not shown on the pay slip, a note can be included to state that the hourly rate incorporates the causal loading.

Here is the list of the pay slip requirements as at April 2019.


What has to be on a pay slip?

Pay slips have to cover details of an employee’s pay for each pay period. Below is a list of what to include:

·         employer’s and employee’s name
·         employer’s Australian Business Number (if applicable)
·         pay period
·         date of payment
·         gross and net pay

·         if the employee is paid an hourly rate:

– the ordinary hourly rate

– the number of hours worked at that rate

– the total dollar amount of pay at that rate

·         any loadings (including casual loading), allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates or other paid entitlements that can be separated out from an employee’s ordinary hourly rate. For example, a note could be included on a pay slip that the hourly rate incorporates the relevant casual loading.
·         the pay rate that applied on the last day of employment
·         any deductions from the employee’s pay, including:

– the amount and details of each deduction

– the name, or name and number of the fund / account the deduction was paid into

·         any superannuation contributions paid for the employee’s benefit, including:

– the amount of contributions made during the pay period (or the amount of contributions that need to be made)

– the name and / or number of the superannuation fund the contributions were made to.

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